A Modern Take

Your business needs you! At Condor Commercial Lending we’re going to get you back to business without leaving the comfort of your business.

The world has evolved so why shouldn’t loans?

If you’re running a business chances are that you don’t have time to put on professional attire, get in your car, drive to a bank, and present little less than a one person play for the reasons why you need a commercial loan.

Condor Commercial Lending doesn’t want you to do any of that…

Instead we’ve streamlined the commercial lending process so that business owners around the country never have to leave their place of business to get that loan they need to keep doing what they love.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs if you want to save time) are commercial loans that are based off your monthly credit card sales and are repaid through a portion of future sales. An MCA is a straight forward way to get back to business quickly!

Quick and Straight Forward

Step 1.

Apply for a loan online or let one of our agents visit you.

Step 2.

Get an approval answer in less than 48 hours.

Step 3.

Get funds transferred to you ASAP!

Invoice Factoring Advance

Businesses that provide goods or services often invoice their clients for payment at a later date. With an invoice factor loan (aka advance) businesses can borrow against a portion of their outstanding invoices so they can keep providing for their clients!

Industries We Serve

In a perfect world we could serve every legitimate business. While we strive to come close we still have to obey laws and regulations set forth by the United States. As such we proudly serve more than 350 industries but please check with us to make sure yours is covered.

Ready to Begin?

Let Condor Commercial Lending guide you through the process quickly, securely, and thoroughly so you can get back to business!