Why Condor?

Serving businesses is what we do at Condor Commercial Lending. We do this so that those businesses may continue to serve their local communities. We strive to reduce unnecessary stress and time so business owners can get back to what they do best.

What We Do

Condor Commercial Lending wants business owners to get back to doing what they do best and as quickly as possible. Because of this we strive to reduce the stress and time that takes you away from your business by offering a fully digital lending experience.

How We Do It

Gone are the days of driving to a bank and arriving only to realize that you are missing an important document. With Condor Commercial Lending we walk you through the process in a secure and easy to understand online application.

Why We Do It

Business owners are what make a community a home. In recent times technology has made a lot of things easier for people around the country. It seems that business loans are still stuck in the pre-digital age and Condor Commercial Lending is here to change that.

Where We Do It

Condor Commercial Lending serves businesses in all 50 states in most major industries. The entire application process is done through our secure online platform that uses the same encryption as banks and credit card companies.

Ready to Begin?

Let Condor Commercial Lending guide you through the process quickly, securely, and thoroughly so you can get back to business!